Light shapes our home, determine its coziness.
In which area it will be abundant and in which more intimate depends on our individual preferences.

The reasoning presented here of lighting are the fruit of my unconventional ideas.
The first steps in this fascinating area made ​​with a series of my conceptual solutions for mass production.
This is a collection which I called “Classic” .
With its simple everyday, but the original shade is suitable for every Bulgarian home.
I present you the most successful models, which I’m sure many of you will like.

Love to create original, custom products and lighting is an immense field of activity.
The first ideas I told the old withered vine in my father’s house, while walking in the park saw a wide variety of natural, mysterious forms that nature offers.
Forms of dead is slowly but superb for my ideas.

Creating a lighting fixture is an art.
The key in all my production is to “animate” this piece of dead wood to breathe new life.
This shaped my favorite collection “Originals” , which pleased to present to you.
It can present in every corner of the house, especially in the household, including colorful rugs, fine rugs, reminiscent of the skillful hands of our grandmothers and mothers.

In the collection “Originals” is a series of differentiated products, especially for the favorite place for rest and seclusion, as well as the nursery.
The original forms of extracting new tree decorations with LED soft light.
This is a series of “Intimate” .

Nature offers a wide choice for those who have imagination and creative flair to master useful and unique products.
I made ​​them happy.

I present you my ideas implemented in the hope that they will appreciate.

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